Nail Art Designs


Nail Art is a really big craze at the moment and people are getting more and more adventurous with their designs to reflect their  personality… I have been doing nail art for a few years now and there are just some designs that are my favourite such as leopard print designs. There are some really great tutorials online these days especially on Youtube, that do step by step tutorials. All these pictures are just some of the designs that I have done on my nails or others, and some of the designs I have learnt online or created myself.

If you would like a tutorial on any of my designs please comment in the comment box at the end of this page 🙂


Ice Lolly Design- This mix of colours is my most recent nail art design that I created, and I wanted something really bright and fun for Summer.


Leopard Print Designs– I really love creating a leopard print design on my nails as it looks really unique especially if you use a mix of colours.



Floral Designs– These designs allow you to use lots of different colours at once and you can get really creative with your designs such as even adding leaves to the design.



Nail Foils– If you don’t want to paint a design directly onto your nails then nail foils are really great for you, they can be quite difficult to apply but are really long lasting. This leopard print design is from Sally Hansen and I would definitely recommend this brand for nail foils as they are really soft and there are some really amazing designs to choose from. Avoid using cheap brands as the nail foils are really difficult to apply as they are not as soft.



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