Koraba Jewellery


I have always thought that Amber is such a beautiful stone however, I have never known much about the actual stone or owned a piece of Amber jewellery, or where it has come from. So when I got invited to have a look at Koraba’s new concept store in Dubai Festival City I learned a lot about this beautiful stone and fell in love with some gorgeous Amber pieces from Koraba’s collection.


Koraba’s new Sunset Collection has some beautifully unique gold and silver pieces all with Baltic Amber. This fossil resin is believed to have health qualities such as emitting a sunny and bright soothing energy.


My favourite piece from the collection was this beautiful Amber and Gold butterfly necklace, I really loved this piece because it was so unique and detailed and also because the butterfly can be removed from the necklace and used as a brooch. This piece is so timeless and would be a great gift.




This bracelet and ring also caught my eye and I really loved the bracelet because it had Amber stones in different colours such as honey, cherry and green. The shape of the ring was a teardrop shape.


Koraba also have a unique range of prayer beads and I really liked their men’s cufflinks.



Koraba stores are located in Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi and Qatar. Dubai stores: Festival City Mall, Marina Mall, Souk Al Bahar, Dubai Mall, Burjuman Center.

To see more of Koraba’s collection check their website here or their Facebook here.


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