Got Laban? tee from Arcadian Apparel


Arcadian Apparel is the first online T-shirt website that promotes and sells wearable art which reflects moods, characters, messages, inspirations and graphics from everyday experiences. I’m loving my Got Laban? tee which means Got Milk 🙂 and has a cute little camel on the picture.


Arcadian Apparel is a great brand as it allows artists to design their own signature art which can then be printed on T-shirts and then sold on their online store. An amazing platform for artists. I really love the uniqueness of the Arcadian Apparel T-shirts because at the same time they link traditional things of the Middle East to modern art. I paired my tee with a skater skirt to create a casual but fun and feminine outfit.

To view Arcadian Apparel’s full collection check out their website:

Instagram: arcadianapp


T-shirt: Arcadian Apparel    Skirt: New Look    Belt: Koton    Shoes: Primark     Bag: Aldo    Sunglasses: Lifestyle    Hairband: Forever 21


IMG_4622 IMG_4620




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