Dubai Fashion Bloggers Spring/Summer 2014 Outfits with Aeropostale


I have been sharing a few previews of the fun shoot I did with other Dubai Fashion Bloggers for Aeropostale’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Here are the final outfits we chose and why we love Aeropostale and what our favourite trends are this Summer.

Red Lips and Lace is an expression of myself : an English girl living in Dubai with a love for high street fashion, food and sparkles. I want my blog to be relatable for all kinds of women and I wanted to share my love for high street fashion and all the great store choices we have in Dubai, and how I style through my blog. I also wanted people who are students, for example like me, to relate and feel that they can go out and buy that outfit and look great. There is always a great and unique outfit in high-street stores ,you just need to have the eye to find it.
Summer Picks! Floral bomber jackets and a great pair of mirrored sunglasses and box heels.
The Dubai Desert Twins Blog is all about being young trendy and feeling good in what they wear all at an affordable price. The identical twins show variety of looks on the blog as they wear anything that looks good on them, as well as to what suits their body types and personalities.
Summer picks: Silk shorts, crop tops, colourful patterns, trendy and unique sun glasses, cute colourful bag packs, sandals, plenty of dresses and accessories.
So what is SIN? SIN stands for Style Is Necessity.. And that is exactly the message SIN would like to spread in Dubai.. Glitter and Glamour, Diamonds and Dirhams.. Gucci and Pucci, we have seen it all.. Its easy to hop in an outfit bought of a rack in a high end fashion heaven.. But only once you start combining those pieces with your own creativity, you will create Style. Dare to challenge Middle Eastern fashion habits, Dare to be different,DARE TO BE A FASHION SINNER!
SUMMER Picks: You must have an amazing pair of sneakers in your wardrobe this summer. Believe me, this summer they are aloud under almost everything. A super cool way to wear this trend is a cute dress or skirt paired with some colorful stylish sneakers.
Cristina also knowns as “Tinayums” is all about clothes that never go out of style and work with every season, thus creating classic style staples that also goes with her daily job being a portrait photographer.
SUMMER Picks: Light fabrics on top with pastel colors and sunglasses definitely a must.
Jen & Kate: Our personal styles are very similar. We like the grunge, hip and classy lady looks. We never really wear the same sort of style all the time we like to mix it up a bit and show people through our clothes our personalities, fun, hip and stylish.
Cristina: Classic is timeless! I used to own pieces that’s only worn once and sleeps on my wardrobes till I forget about it. Through experience, I learned how to build my wardrobe with classic pieces that flatters my shape and height not forgetting that it should be trendy enough to be mix n’ match and use for layering.
Sam: I would say my style is a fusion of everything! I mix and match and dress everyday the way I feel. Sometimes thats dressy and girly, but the next day it can easily be edgy and street.
Natasha: My personal style is forever changing depending on my mood, however I would say that whatever outfit I wear I love to add a touch of femininity to it through a pair of heels or just accessories.

2 thoughts on “Dubai Fashion Bloggers Spring/Summer 2014 Outfits with Aeropostale

  1. Mrs C says:

    Congratulation on this fabulous collaboration! They have great casual pieces and very affordable too, I believe. It is always a pleasure to visit another Dubai blog and a successful one like yours!

    From Dubai with xxx
    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

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