Caron Paris- ‘Le Selection’ perfume box

IMG_5702CARON PARIS ‘Le Selection’ Perfume box is everything to me! I am a huge perfume fan and I know my scents. I really appreciate the art of creating such wonderful fragrances and CARON PARIS is a true example of a perfume brand with rich French heritage and signature scents. I was so excited to receive their perfume box gift set which includes scents such as Jasmine, Mandarin, Sandalwood, Rose and Musk.

IMG_5701I am not a subtle perfume sprayer I literally shower myself in perfume, I don’t see the point in wearing perfume if it cannot be smelt, even if it is a light French note. CARON PARIS ‘Le Selection’ perfume box set is the perfect gift for any girl with a love for perfume! The bottle sizes are perfect handbag size for your daily need of perfume, I always tend to take a bottle of perfume out with me in my bag and it weighs it down, these bottle sizes are perfect and there is a special container too, to protect the bottles. The gorgeous set is available from the CARON PARIS store at The Dubai Mall priced at AED 440.

The six scents all range in fragrances, these are:

 My Ylang – An opening flourish of white flowers dominated by ylang supreme. The Gourmand heart consists of blackcurrant bud and sublime mandarin and leaves a powdery scent trail, tinged with green vanilla absolute from Madagascar.

My Ylang: gourmand and luminous

 Nocturnes – A sparkling opening of citrus fruits which unfurl on an elegant bouquet of white flowers, enhanced with soothing musical notes of rose and jasmine. It leaves behind a woody-amber impression,

Nocturnes: elegant and generous

 Lady Caron – Magnolia and neroli herald a heart note composed of raspberry and peach, while giving off a woody scent with delicate hints of oakmoss.

Lady Caron: classis and reassuring

 Aimez-Moi – Bergamot and aniseed combined with violet, queen of this highly addictive floral accord. Infused with vanilla and magnolia it defines a joyful, feminine composition.

Aimez-Moi: floral and spontaneous

 Parfum Sacre – Surprise elements of pepper and cinnamon make way for the round, enveloping notes of rose absolute, while musk and myrrh combine for a highly sensual powdery trail.

Parfum Sacre: precious and voluptuous

 Piu Bellodgia – Eccentric carnation plays with the freshness of green lily of the valley. Cinnamon and clove add innocence and character. Cedar, sandalwood and musk guarantee a tenacious richness.

Piu Bellodogia: romantic and extravagant



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