The.Travel.Food and Lifestyle.Blog of Red Lips & Lace.   

A 20 something English girl living in the metropolis of Dubai, UAE.

I started my blog whilst at University sharing my love for high street fashion. Red Lips & Lace has evolved into much more over these 4 years and is now a lifestyle blog where I share my foodie and travel experiences too. I would describe myself as an adventurous foodie, I always love trying new cuisines and delicacies. I have so much wanderlust that is thankfully controlled with beach days in Dubai however, my dream is to travel the world and see its beautiful natural wonders, for now I have Planet Earth on demand (TV Show).

A few more facts about me:

  • I am a crazy cat lover and have two little fluff balls
  • A complete sneakerhead
  • Perfume junkie
  • Motor head (most people don’t know this)

Lets see where my next adventurous take me.

Contact for collaborations-natasha.northcote@gmail.com

FB: Red Lips and Lace

Twitter: @redlipsandlace1

Instagram: redlipsandlace

YouTube: Red Lips & Lace Channel


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